Statistical Karma

This is an ideal, a principled devotion and otherwise generally unsubstantiated reason excuse to go round being nice to people. Some of you may be on board with this already but give it a different name. Some of you may be coming to this idea for the first time, if so make sure to pay attention because I think it’s a good one.

The easiest way to explain it is with a series of hypotheticals. Say one day I do something nice for a complete stranger, like buy them a drink having only just met them or help a stranger out with moving a sofa just because you’re walking past, or even just smile and apologise instead of swearing and having a go. That person may then go about their day and be a bit happier and more inclined to be nice. So maybe, just maybe, that person does something nice for another person because they remember that I did something nice for them. And maybe the person they help wil go on and help someone else another time.

The way I see it, given that the above series of events is possible there is a chance it will happen every time I, or someone else, does something charitable like that. Given there are a finite (if growing) number of people in the world then it is fair to assume that there is a finite number of such charitable interactions which would allow for good things to be done for everyone in the world simultaneously.

This means that there is a finite number of good deeds required from a finite number of people to reach the point where good deeds outweigh bad and take over as the accepted norm; whereupon there is a chance that as a race we can move forward to a more compassionate and understanding age together.

So why not be one of that finite number now?


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