42,375 – How to overcome writer’s block

So there was a bit of a hiatus in the last 9,000 words. This was largely down to me developing a block about how to handle one particular plot point. I know what I want to happen, but the specifics of making that plausible were getting away from me. It was becoming troublesome.

But the good news is that I solved it. That’s right, I’ve cured Writer’s Block! Well, for me at least. Do you want to know the secret? Because it’s not really a secret. I walked away from it. I totally left it alone and went and did something completely different. Didn’t spare it a single thought apart from the occasional pillow-bound moment of ‘I really should do something about that…’

Having done that I’ve come back to it and guess what? There’s a possible way through. Sure, I know I’ll have to review this section down the line because it’ll be a bit wonky, but then it was never going to come out right first time. We can’t all dictate 10 books of epic poetry like Milton. I won’t feel that bad.

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