Keep it concise

There are lessons to be learned every day. Today’s lesson is this: When writing, keep it concise.

Sure, we all know about Hemingway. But when writing I use things like the following, all too frequently:

  • suddenly
  • now
  • turned to
  • looked at

I got called up on it today. I went back and looked again. I removed most of them. It looks better now.

That list shouldn’t be taken as exhaustive, of course.

Less is more.

3 thoughts on “Keep it concise

    • There is that, yes – but I find knowing the rules and actively implementing them every time aren’t the same thing. I’ve known not to trust the word ‘suddenly’ for years but it still comes out when I draft things. Perhaps it’s my writing equivalent of ‘umm’? Editing your own work isn’t quite the same as editing others’ work.

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