A thought on Ted

So first off, let’s be clear. I enjoyed Ted, but it’s never going to change the world. It made me laugh, and I got a big kick out of seeing Sam Jones hamming up his cameo and due reverence given to the bi-stable qualitative flip-flop sensory overload that is Dino de Laurentis’ Flash Gordon. But it’s not quite got the timely bite and soul-searching verve of, say, Whitnail And I. Mind you, it does have the Thunder Song

That said, it deserves a special mention for one particular thing. That is the relationship between Ted and Johnny. The example that really stuck with me was (mild spoiler alert (but not really, because it was inevitably going to happen because that’s how Hollywood comedies are, but anyway, I digress…)) the scene in the aquarium where Johnny asks Ted to move out. I was waiting for histrionics, some pissy argument or the like. But no, instead they have a genuine conversation where Ted quickly realises, and says, ‘you’re right, it’s for the best’.

There were other moments like that too, points where I genuinely felt like these two were friends, instead of just a bickering odd couple flung together for comedic purposes. So well done, Ted. You may not change the world but you did make me believe they’d known each other their whole lives.

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