The Pub by Joseph Pierce

I love Twitter. Aside from the process for disconnecting from vacillating twerps being ‘Unfollow’ it also gives me so many amazing things that otherwise I would have missed. One of those is Joseph Pierce.

The below short is a fine example of rotoscoping. For those unfamiliar with the technique the simple summary is ‘Film stuff, draw over film, fiddle about with reality to make new quasi-real animation’. It’s been responsible for A Scanner Darkly, the only filmic example of a Philip K. Dick story that manages to recreate some of what’s so bloody terrifying about his work. And yes, I am including Blade Runner here. Quit grumbling, it’s sloooooooow.

Anyway, The Pub. It’s a simple premise – a migrant worker faces up to mortality and the everyday alienation and unpleasantness of life and people. My god, people… This is a strange, threatening and far too familiar vision of the world. Watch this, and if you can face it then watch A Family Portrait and Stand Up. I won’t blame you if you take a break between them though.

Also, I know someone who works in the film industry and he told me that Mr Pierce is a nice guy as well. That makes it even better.

The Pub from Joseph Pierce on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “The Pub by Joseph Pierce

  1. I loved “A Scanner Darkly” and thought it was ridiculously underrated. Awesome blog, by the way. Great to follow a fellow Drabblecast addict and literature/cinema aficionado. 🙂

    Sorry, though: Blade Runner is awesome. Very slow, but awesome. Always watch when very well-rested though.

    • Not in my world. Truly disturbing in all the right ways. PKD is shot through with uncertainty about the fundamental assumptions of ‘reality’ and A Scanner Darkly nailed that. Plus Freck was great. Very glad you like the blog though. It’s nice to think someone actually reads it!

      As for Blade Runner, I’m about due to give it another shot but I warn you, I’ve already given it 4 or 5. If I want slow, awesome sci-fi it’s 2001 or Tarkovsky’s Solaris all the way.

      • Naturally! I seem to remember thinking the remake wasn’t awful, but I always think the original conception should be the first point of reference.

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