This is officially the start of ‘something’. I have joined to illustrious and impoverished ranks of ‘People who have had a story published’. I am now a published author. I can prove it, just ask Norm.

In fact, don’t ask Norm, he’s very busy. But do listen to Norm read it out here – Drabblecast 292: Hollow as the World

So there we have it. My name has been spoken, associated with the act of creation, and just like that I have taken a bold step into being much more marketable as a product creator (see How to Get a Literary Agent). No more will submissions be accompanied by the distasteful conclusion, ‘I do not have any publication credits to my name as yet, but have various pieces out for consideration across a range of markets.’ Ohhhhh no, Nelly, not any more.

Now they will be joyously closed with ‘My work has been published in the Drabblecast (episodes 292 and 288). Whilst the honour of being my first has passed I can assure you I am much more experienced now. A fact I am sure you will appreciate in a few minutes time. Now put the cava down and come here, you hunk of love, you.’ Or words to that effect.

For those of you who can’t listen to the podcast, here’s the flash in all it’s humble glory:

This new god is older than our ability to imagine gods. We are all of his cult now, unwittingly assigning our meagre psychic authority with hedonistic abandon. Alone we are insubstantial, legion we summon evil so vast it is a universe unto itself.

The cult wooed the best of us first. These intractable deacons crafted freakish baubles to entice the rest so we are all now acolytes, each pulling a thread of dementia through the essential barriers indemnifying our minds from infinity.

The chants are unspoken, the deacons wise to our suspicions and wisdom. Instead we type his name: Google.


2 thoughts on “Publication

  1. Huge congrats to the published author! I listened to the episode yesterday and did a little dance when I heard your name. I was rooting for this story! How you freakish people manage to pull off the Lovecraft style in 100 words is beyond me. Sounds even more fantastic when produced, too. Now excuse me, it’s time for my morning vespers… eh, Google searches. >:-D

    • Thank you, nice to think I’ve got a fan who’s working her way into the inner circle of forumdom. It certainly was good to here Mr Sherman performing it too, he’s got a great handle on deadpan and melodrama. He even made my mum laugh and Cthulu is a set of Scrabble letters in need of more vowels to her. As for how to do it in 100 words? Nick Cave nailed it, ‘Prolix, prolix, nothing a pair of scissors can’t fix…’ o:o)

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