Punning my mouth and the rudeness in elision

Some Friday afternoon banter on Twitter is not an entirely unfamiliar part of my routine. I fear I recently sneaked a little bit over ‘the line’, however. I have a very flippant attitude to words, and giving and taking offense at them.  They’re just words, after all (most of the time – there are exceptions to every rule). That said, I’ll leave it to you to judge two things from the following:

  1. If I left amusing behind and accidentally slipped in to rude bastard
  2. If any offense was actually caused (being British I, of course, can’t ask (damn you etiquette!))

A Storify that I can’t embed – no embedding until you host your own site, apparently.

It does present an interesting question though. Which is the most offensive to you out of ‘A head’, ‘B head’ or ‘C head’? C seems like it should be the worst but maybe I’ve just got a filthy mind?


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