How to Make ePubs: A simple guide

So, as promised a long time ago, I’ve put together a guide for making ePubs the easy way. I’ve had a think over how best to handle this and realised that I could agonise for years and still get it wrong. So that means the best thing to do is put it out there and let you lovely lot take a look at it.

This means that a) the idea reaches some kind of milestone, b) you can get your teeth into it and c) any comments received back can be used to update and improve it.

So here is the very first version of How to Make ePubs: A simple guide. This is a guide for people who really don’t have any idea about ePub, html, CSS and the like in that it’s all explained in friendly language. The assumed level of knowledge is rather low. The reason for this is that when I was trying to work it all out myself I found it nigh on impossible to track down explanations written in plain language. There are countless amazing resources by developers and professionals but none of them set things out really simply.

The master plan is that this book helps you with the first step of making your own simple ePub. From there on it’s a brave new world of CSS and html because if you want to do the fancy stuff you have to learn code – but before you can run…

I’d absolutely love to know what you think, positive or negative. This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while now and my only intention is to help some people. Any feedback would be simply brillig.

You can download the book for free from the following link: How to Make ePubs: A simple guide.


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