What cyberpunk was and what it will be

‘The spectacle [of cyberpunk] only becomes more refined and integrated with our lives as time goes by. It is still alarming that the most prophetic of dystopias was also the most ludicrous: the kitsch consumerism, corporate corruption, metropolitan bankruptcy and technological sheen of RoboCop (1987). There is no longer a delay between tragedy and farce, as Marx once conceived.’

Read the full article.

2 thoughts on “What cyberpunk was and what it will be

  1. Great read.
    In particular about Post Cyberpunk, agree that there should be more light.
    Great food for thought.
    Though I am now trying not to focus on how Star Wars 1313 wasn’t released… Was looking forward to that one.

    • Yeah, he’s an interesting guy in general. I’ve had lots of people tell me his book is worth a read. Not meant to be with Star Wars 1313 though, sadly. I’ve just come out of Dark Souls 1 & 2 so I’m good for low, entropic and gritty!

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