Black Shuck Shadows – Hinterlands

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have a collection of short stories publishing on 25th March – it’s called Hinterlands and it’s being put out by the mighty Black Shuck as part of their Shadows series.

Hinterlands features 10 stories, including 4 first publications and pieces published in BFS Horizons, The Shadow Booth, Unthology and more. If you like your horror plausibly adjacent to reality, probing the odd shadows in tube stations and the weird glitches when your eyes play tricks on you, and just straight up peculiar, then may I suggest you punt £4.99 towards a hard-working indie press that’s supporting a lot of emerging writers?

Expect ghost stories across yesteryear’s festivals, a golem for the zero-hours contract age, black dogs, pocket skinks, stock photography libraries that probably belong on the SCP Foundation, carniverous buildings and a cameo from Rachel Stamp.

I’ve had my eye on the Shadows series for a while now for a few reasons, not the least because Steve at Black Shuck makes them look so smart. Have a look across the range, and imagine what a set looks like, for instance. Also, I’m sharing shelves with Aliya Whiteley, Paul Kane and others. So I’m massively grateful to him for picking up the stories and giving them a home.

Now if you could all go and buy a copy, read it and post reviews I’d love you forever!

The Island of Dreaming Beasts

Crowdfunding is a mad old thing, isn’t it? It’s a slippery, tricksy little git which has all the hallmarks of publishing’s trademark factor – alchemy. You can add all the same ingredients and get totally different results every time. If you’re really lucky you might even get some idea why.

However! There are two Kickstarters going on right now which have got it right, which I recommend you checking out. Bonanza days for fans of weird fiction.

This Dreaming Isle

After the success of 2084 last year, it was inevitable that we’d do another Kickstarter over at Unsung Stories. So when editor Dan Coxon came to me with an anthology idea, contributor list and fistful of stories…

This Dreaming Isle a collection of dark fantasy, weird and horror fiction dedicated to the landscape of the United Kingdom. And it’s another ridiculous contributor list, so all kudos to Dan for pulling that together.

We launched it last month, with the campaign finishing this Thursday, so you’ve got a couple more days to get in on the Kickstarter exclusives. And that cover artwork is by Jordan Grimmer. He’s ace.

Disturbing the Beast

Boudicca Press are a new outfit dedicated to publishing new weird, literary and relationship fiction by women writers in the UK. Basically, they’re 100% on point for right now. It’s run by Helen and Nici, a pair of editors with bucketsful of intelligence, experience and passion. They’re Good People and they’re doing A Good Thing.

The Kickstarter for their launch collection is halfway through and they’re very nearly there – so if you’re reading this, go check it out, and get behind the project.

They’re publishing new stories from Aliya Whiteley and Kirsty Logan, so there’s two reasons for you right there.

(I recently read Logan’s The Rental Heart, and it was gorgeous, lyrical, frequently surprising, and frankly far too racy to be reading on public transport in places. Loved it.)

One last thing to say about Boudicca Press and indie publishing – a few years back I was just a guy with a logo, a bunch of motivation and the good faith of some excellent writers. That Unsung has turned into what it has is a source of constant wonder to me, and is thanks to lots of you out there.

The Boudicca eds are just as good as me, just as motivated, and already have excellent writers on board. With a bit of love and faith now, they’ll be able to bring us the goods for years to come!