Black Shuck Shadows – Hinterlands

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have a collection of short stories publishing on 25th March – it’s called Hinterlands and it’s being put out by the mighty Black Shuck as part of their Shadows series.

Hinterlands features 10 stories, including 4 first publications and pieces published in BFS Horizons, The Shadow Booth, Unthology and more. If you like your horror plausibly adjacent to reality, probing the odd shadows in tube stations and the weird glitches when your eyes play tricks on you, and just straight up peculiar, then may I suggest you punt £4.99 towards a hard-working indie press that’s supporting a lot of emerging writers?

Expect ghost stories across yesteryear’s festivals, a golem for the zero-hours contract age, black dogs, pocket skinks, stock photography libraries that probably belong on the SCP Foundation, carniverous buildings and a cameo from Rachel Stamp.

I’ve had my eye on the Shadows series for a while now for a few reasons, not the least because Steve at Black Shuck makes them look so smart. Have a look across the range, and imagine what a set looks like, for instance. Also, I’m sharing shelves with Aliya Whiteley, Paul Kane and others. So I’m massively grateful to him for picking up the stories and giving them a home.

Now if you could all go and buy a copy, read it and post reviews I’d love you forever!