The Thin Red Line

This great evil.
Where’s it come from?
How’d it steal into the world?
What seed, what root did it grow from?
Who’s doing this?
Who’s killing us?
Robbing us of life and light.
Mocking us with the sight of what we might have known.
Does our ruin benefit the Earth?
Does it help the grass to grow or the sun to shine?
Is this darkness in you, too?
Have you passed through this night?

It’s time for things to get better.
That’s what I want.
That’s what’s gonna happen.
I’m getting older now.
By no means old, but older.
Where is it that we were together?
Who were you that l lived with?
Walked with?
The brother.
The friend.
Darkness from light.
Strife from love.
Are they the workings of one mind?
The features of the same face?
Oh, my soul,
let me be in you now.
Look out through my eyes.
Look out at the things you made.
All things shining.

From the Terrence Malick screenplay based on the novel (which I haven’t read) by James Jones. Potent stuff.