Hinterlands (Black Shuck Books)

A short story collection of horror and weird fictions, about the many deeply strange things we accept as normal. Expect weird shit in offices, corrupted folklore, ghosts, an entirely reasonable cynicism re large bureaucracies, golems, stock photography libraries and the terrible things that happen when we realise some things can’t be properly communicated.


Fire in the Sky – Exactly why did that hyper-advanced being fall from the sky and land on us?

“This book starts with a very intense and honest portrayal of a young woman, and then branches out into unexpected directions that can be both funny and brutal. It’s not afraid of big emotions and events, and also of the biggest questions. I love a book that surprises me; I couldn’t guess where Fire in the Sky was going to go, and that made it a genuine surprise of the best kind. It’s deep, involving, and unflinching.”
Aliya Whiteley, Clarke Award-nominated author of The Loosening Skin, The Beauty and The Arrival of Missives

“Part David Almond, part Philip K. Dick, Sandison has woven a taut web of otherwordliness about reality… or is it the other way around? Uncanny, tense, in parts lyrical and heart-rending, in parts brutal, Fire in the Sky feels unique in the fantasy genre. An absorbing, compulsive read with an ending that clung to me like glue.
Stark Holborn, author of Nunslinger

The Codes We Keep – A proto-cyberpunk riff on Arthurian legend set in Welwyn Garden City

Short stories:

My work can be found in the following places:



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